Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to the National University of Iraq!

The National University  of Iraq (NUI) is Iraq's premier university with the constitutional task of fostering education, research, and knowledge among the citizens of Iraq. The university is one of the 12 Constitutional Universities of Iraq, with its main campus in Baghdad. It is open to all Iraqis, irrespective of creed, ethnicity, gender, or religious affiliation. Guided by the three principles of the new Republic of Iraq: Peace, Enlightenment, and Independence from the West, NUI is committed to the prosperous development of the nation and the Arab world, and seeks to develop in all its graduates the essential attributes which will contribute to this project. The University encapsulates the Islamic aspiration to knowledge and enlightenment through openness, tolerance, and acceptance of the diversity which makes up the Republic of Iraq, The Arab Region, and the world at large.  

Below is a tour of the new main campus set near the outskirts of Baghdad, and designed by Iraqi architect Zana Hadid. The University is characterized by a mixture of grand stone buildings and open spaces where students, researchers and scholars from all backgrounds meet, exchange ideas, and thrive in curiosity, exploration, and dialogue. Lecture halls, libraries, class rooms, laboratories, restaurants, cafes, recreational facilities, sports centers are scattered across the campus, and a large student residential area expands around the proud campus buildings.


In reality, the above is the Stone Towers, a model shopping and business center outside of Cairo. I post this here to inspire more people to visualize a bright, enlightened, and peaceful Iraq full of possibilities.

Zana Hadid has been commissioned to design the new Central Bank of Iraq. If her stunning and award winning architectural designs are deemed appropriate for a bank, then certainly her next assignment could be this fictional leading national university, open for all.

May we all work toward this vision!

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